Why Every Real Estate Agent Requires a Website

Why Every Real Estate Agent Requires a Website nwq

As a real estate agent, you have competition all around you. You need to be noticed, and an online presence can separate you from your competitors. But do you really need your own website? Here are some excellent reasons to have a website of your own.

Why is a Real Estate Agent's Website Important?


Get People's Attention

In the past, you had to stick your head above the crowd to get noticed. You needed the Yellow Pages, mailers, and face to face meetings. Today it is much simpler to take advantage of the power of the internet. Recent studies show that more than half of home buyers today found their houses on the internet. Think of how many sales you could be missing out on if you are not there when potential home buyers search for properties. Earning repeat business and soliciting referrals are essential but are only part of today's real estate marketing strategy.

Better Leads

Everyone wants new business leads, but the quality of the leads you receive is just as important as the leads themselves. How can you ensure the highest quality leads? You need to target your audience, and a good website has all the tools you need for separating the serious buyers from the lookers.

Instead of spending valuable time chasing down prospects for business, your website will do the work for you.

Here are some of the ways a well-done website can target your audience:

  • Effective keywords and meta tags – target specific people with specific search terms
  • Statistical analysis - lets you know who is visiting your website, including location and interests.
  • Quality website copy - professional writers produce copy that attracts attention, and it does not have to be expensive.
  • Email lists - visitors and clients can sign up to receive updates and info on new listings.



Potential clients may not know much about the home buying process, and your website can provide valuable information on selling and buying properties. You can include a "frequently asked questions" section and direct people to your blog, which should contain value-added content that assists and educates consumers. Many people have questions regarding real estate, and they search online for their answers. Make it simple for these people with informative articles on your site.

Personal Branding

You may be part of a popular and well-known real estate company that has its own website. However, problems can arise from "umbrella branding." With an umbrella type business brand, you are one of many agents and just a face in the crowd. You have little, if any, control over how the website looks or the information contained on it. On the other hand, your website focuses on you, so you are free to develop a reputation and brand customized to your situation.

Here is something else to consider. What happens if you decide to change companies or start your own brokerage? You must build your new business reputation from the ground up. Rebuilding takes a lot of money, time, and hard work. This is reason enough to have your own website.

Social Media

Facebook is an integral part of modern real estate marketing. Social media is one of the best tools for generating quality leads in the real estate business (according to a recent NAR report). A Facebook page is the perfect hub for marketing. You can direct visitors to your site and publish positive testimonials from previous clients.


Do you want to level the playing field and compete with the best? Having a website puts you on the same level as the top earners. Your website will be an integral part of your business, and you have full control over the information your prospective clients receive. People looking to buy or sell properties expect you to conduct yourself like a professional, and a professional-looking website increases your credibility and trust.

Points to Ponder

Your website will get you noticed and can significantly enhance the quality of your leads. A professional website is your business brand. Your site can educate clients and use social media to your advantage. Effective marketing with a website levels the playing field with your biggest competitors.


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