How to Get the Most from Your Real Estate Testimonial Contest

How to Get the Most from Your Real Estate Testimonial Contest

How to Get the Most from Your Real Estate Testimonial Contest:

It is crucial for today's agents to have a real estate marketing strategy that can see them through all kinds of market fluctuations. Earning business through referrals can help you maintain a steady stream of listings and sales. Client testimonials are excellent referral tools, and you can increase the number of testimonials from your clients if you consider running a real estate testimonial contest. Here is some info on these promotions, along with helpful tips for getting the most from them.

What Are Testimonial Contests?

A testimonial contest gives past clients who are willing to write a testimonial on your real estate services a chance to win a prize. Here is an example of a compelling contest. You contact everyone on your past client list and let them know they can win a gift card to a local restaurant or another valuable prize. All they have to do is write a testimonial about your services and send the entry to you. At a given date, you will have a drawing to determine who the winner is.

We take most of the money that we could have spent on paid advertising and instead put it back into the customer experience. Then we let the customers be our marketing. Historically, our number-one growth driver has been from repeat customers and word of mouth.

Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

Start with the Contest Rules

You can begin by sitting down and writing out all the rules for the contest. Here is essential information you might want to include in your rules:

  •  Timing - mention the days that your contest begins and ends. List the times. For example, it may run from Midnight May 1st to Midnight May 31st.
  •  Testimonial material - list the things that you want each client to write about. You may include why they like the services and your most outstanding quality.
  •  To encourage more entries, conduct a random draw contest, so everyone has the same opportunity to win.
  •  Inform your entrants how you will pick the winner - consider a drawing with the contest winner drawn by someone other than yourself. With this rule, you let them know you are conducting a fair and honest promotion.
  •  Do your research - it is crucial to protect your legal interests, so check the local and state laws concerning contests. Contact a legal professional when you have any doubts.

Landing Page

It would be best if you considered developing a contest landing page. This page is designed to direct your readers to the contest's details and show them how to enter. Your landing page can contain all the important information about the promotion and a link to the online submission form. You can include details about prizes and reasons why they should consider entering your contest.

Contest Submission Forms

To make it easy for clients to enter your contest, the forms should be easy to read and understand. Use detailed instructions that are simple to follow. You can use a question and answer form to make sure your clients provide the kind of information you are looking for.

Worthwhile Prize

The prize should be something of value to your client if you want a reasonable amount of participation. Here are some suggestions for contest prizes:

  •  Dinner for two at an upscale restaurant
  •  Tablet PC
  •  Apple Watch
  •  Weekend hotel stay for two 

Thank Your Client

People expect you to conduct a professional promotion, so each participant should see a thank you message after they submit their entries. Send an email confirmation of their entry also. The email should also include the rules and other vital information.

Contest Promotion Tips

Your CRM program will serve you well for informing your past clients of the contest. With your CRM, you can easily send out an email about the contest to all of your past clients. Put notices on all your social network accounts, and be sure to post links to your contest landing page. Include contest info with a call to action link like "click here to find out more information."

In Review

If you need more customer testimonials for your real estate business, consider creating and promoting a client testimonial contest. Your rules should have all important contest details, including the beginning and ending dates of the event. Include a landing page designed specifically for your contest, and it should have all the rules and an easy-to-follow contest submission form. Contest prize suggestions include should be items of value, encouraging people to enter. Thank each entrant for participating and promoting your content on social media too.

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