Real Estate Referrals – You Need To Tell Your Clients That You Want Them!

You Need to Tell Your Clients that You Want Real Estate Referrals

Many agents believe that previous clients will provide real estate referrals of their family and friends if they were pleased with the services you provided them. "Why wouldn't they refer me?" many agents think. "I did an excellent job for them! Plus, I've been staying in contact with them with my CRM."

I'm sorry to say, but it usually doesn't work out like that.

A survey in the financial planning industry indicated that most clients don't refer their financial advisors- even though they are delighted with the service and the results they received. And do you know the reason why? They didn't realize that they wanted referrals! Now, who's fault is that?

Unless you advise your clients that you welcome and appreciate real estate referrals, they probably will never refer you!

You must let them know! And remind them often!

Happy customers are likely to provide you with positive recommendations and would be willing to refer you to their friends and family.

How to Let Your Clients Know that You Want Real Estate Referrals

Remind your clients every time you send a bulk email from your CRM that your business is built on real estate referrals.

Let them know with your emails. Below your name, in your email signature template, put something like, "I would greatly appreciate and be honored to provide my services to any of your family or friends that you kindly refer to me."

During a telephone conversation, you may want to consider saying, "Peter, as you may realize, most of my clients are from referrals from other satisfied clients like yourself. If you know a friend or family member that requires any real estate assistance, please give them my number. I promise you that I'll do an excellent job for them."

On the front page of your website, make sure you have a section "Refer a Friend." Make it easy for your clients to give you real estate referrals.

The first step of getting referrals is by giving excellent customer service. The next step is using your email newsletter and marketing features in your CRM. These will assist you with maintaining the right amount of contact with almost no effort on your part.

Now, assuming you're doing everything else correct in your marketing process, once you start reminding clients that you appreciate real estate referrals, you will begin to obtain many more of these solid leads.

And make sure that right after a client does refer you, send them a thank you card or a small gift. A satisfied client has the potential to provide you with multiple real estate referrals per year! In addition, showing that you appreciate them encourages your client to refer you more often!

Key Point

Please don't assume that a satisfied client will automatically refer you to their family and friends. Instead, ask them to send you those real estate referrals!

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