Instagram Account for Real Estate Agents – 10 Reasons to Have One

Instagram Account for Real Estate Agents 10 Reasons to Have One

Instagram Account for Real Estate Agents:

Social media is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative marketing sources today. One of the most popular social networks is Instagram. This social media platform is ideally suited for real estate agents. Why is Instagram so great, and why should you be making the most from your account? Here are ten good reasons to consider.

What is Instagram?

Some social networks let people communicate with messages and written words, which are an important part of communication. However, Instagram is a social media platform geared towards photos and videos. Images are the main thing shared across the membership.

A picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram allows real estate agents to tell an effective, visual story about who they are and what they can do for their clients.

  1. Easy Promotion

When people are looking for houses, the first thing they want to see are photos. Next, they want to read descriptions. It is so simple to showcase what you have to offer. With just a few images and descriptions, you can capture the attention of a targeted audience.

  1. Level the Playing Field

Instagram lets you compete with large services like Trulia and Zillow. The social network has one billion users actively using the service each month. It is an excellent place to get your listings noticed, and you do not have to pay fees for the service.

  1. Images, Images, Images

They say in real estate that the most important things are location, location, and location. However, images are also essential because they can tell entire stories for you. You know the old saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words?” It’s true, and the best place to post images is a photo and video-driven social network. Great images act as silent salespeople for you.

  1. Cost

Some real estate agents spend as much as 10% or more of their income on advertising. The best thing about the Instagram platform is the price. It costs nothing to have an account, and leads can find your images with an online search or through a social network search.

  1. Enjoy More Engagement

When you compare all the top social media platforms, Instagram gives you the most engagement. It has ten times more engagement than others. What is engagement? Engagement happens anytime a user looks at or makes a response to your social media post. Your home images are more likely to get people talking among themselves when they have a high engagement rate.

  1. Know Who is Browsing

With Instagram, you can see who likes your posts and who makes responses. It gives you the chance to respond quickly. The people you engage with through Instagram are most likely interested in houses, or they would not be looking at pictures.

  1. Go Where the Money is

When you advertise, you want to target people who can afford your services. Many people with Instagram accounts are in the upper-income brackets. They have more disposable income and can likely afford some of the most expensive properties you have listed.

  1. Quality Photos

The Instagram platform is easy to use. It does not take long to upload your photos. You can edit images to make them look like professional photos. This will give you an edge over some of the competition.

  1. Referral Engine

Most agents are in search of good real estate referral engines. Instagram is perhaps the perfect referral engine because it is straightforward to keep in touch with others and stay at the top of their minds.

  1. Good SEO Source

You want your listings to be high in the search rank. In other words, when someone does a property search in your area, your listings need to be first or near the top of the page if you want them noticed. With Instagram, it is easier to raise your search rank than with standard online search engines.

Things to Think About

If you are looking for a free and effective advertising source, Instagram is well worth checking into. You can compete with large real estate websites and receive more member interactions than other social networks. The platform is easy to use and can help you increase quality leads that result in sales commissions.

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