How to Write Effective Thank You Cards

How to Write Effective Thank You Cards

When it is time to close the sale on a property, everyone gets excited. Your clients are getting a new home, and you look forward to receiving that well-earned commission. Closings are often a culmination of months of preparations and hard work, and it is important to let clients know how much you appreciate their patience and efforts. Here is information on the importance of thank you cards and helpful advice on writing effective cards.

Why Send Thank You Cards?

Creating lasting business relationships is the foundation of a successful real estate sales career. If you spend a lot of time and effort taking care of a client, it is not a good idea to abruptly say goodbye and move on to the next property. Thank you cards allow you to express your gratitude and make your client feel special. And when they come with a gift, they are even more memorable.

A quick note is a perfect addition to a lovely housewarming gift. Anything you can do to stay top of mind with your customers will pay you dividends in the future. You want to be in their thoughts when they think about buying another house or recommending an agent to others. A large percentage of buyers find their agents through personal referrals and online reviews.

By sending a thank you note, you stand out from the crowd. In today's digital age, handwritten thank you notes are so uncommon that when one is received, it makes a powerful statement.

Four Basic Rules for Writing Thank You Cards

If you sit down and start writing a thank you card, you may be a bit lost for words. You want to make your client feel special. These four rules can help you create the right mood with your note.

  1. Include A Compliment

Think of something good about your clients that you can praise. For example, maybe your client’s children were just adorable, or you were amazed by how much effort they put into researching the home buying process. If you think about it for a bit, you can probably find several things worth mentioning. Here is a sample compliment to consider:

When I was inside your lovely home, I noticed the vibrant colors in your kitchen. We are thinking about repainting and updating, and I plan to use some of your ideas. Maybe sometime you could come to check out our kitchen and give us some advice.

  1. Stay Away from Flattery

Many people don’t understand the difference between a compliment and flattery. They are not the same. Flattery is insincere because the reason for it is an attempt to get something from your client. Most clients will see through flattery and not be impressed.

  1. Be Personal

Try to think of something personal (but not too personal) in your thank you message. For instance, you could mention something about your client’s children or their pet. When you include something personal, it shows that you have a genuine interest in your client, and most people see this interest as an endearing quality. They may take a personal interest in you or your business and try to help you with referrals.

  1. Expose Yourself

Exposing yourself in a thank you note has nothing to do with shedding clothes. It means you should consider expressing some vulnerability to show you are human, just like everyone else. Exposing yourself in this manner can make people see you in a new light. For instance:

"When I saw your little dog Bandit, it reminded me of Chip, who I lost a few years ago. I know how important a family dog is and am so happy he has such a large fenced yard to play in."

In Review

Client and closing gifts are great business tools, and it is essential to include the right thank you note. A good note can create goodwill and help you earn more business in the future. When you write your note, find something good to say about the client. Avoid flattery because it could do a lot more harm than good. Be personal in your approach, and do not be afraid to show some vulnerability. Effective thank you notes not only enhance gifts, but they can also improve your business relationships.

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