How to Use Facebook to Increase Referrals

How to Use Facebook to Increase Referrals

Use Facebook to Increase Referrals:

Facebook is the largest platform for social media on the planet. Just about everyone has a personal Facebook page these days, and many businesses do too. If you are looking for more real estate referrals, Facebook is one of the best sources you can utilize. Yet, just signing up and creating a page will not guarantee more referrals. Here are some tips for making the most of your Facebook business and personal pages.

People Want Value for Their Time and Money

It makes sense to expect value for the money you spend. However, the time you spend on things is just as important, and you want a reasonable return on your time investments. If most of your social media posts are about you and all the good things you are doing, people will get bored quickly and pay little attention to you. It is not hard to see through someone that is serving his or her own interests.

79% of real estate professionals are using Facebook. You should be too!

It's All About Sharing

Today's real estate agent needs to stop selling and start sharing with clients and prospects when it comes to social media. If you are always in "selling" mode, your audience may see you as nothing but a commercial or advertisement. When someone needs a real estate agent in the future, your services will not likely be considered if all you do is try to sell.

How to Share

Sharing with others is a great way to provide value for people taking the time to read your posts. For example, if you post a link to a "how-to" article that can solve homeowners' problems, readers will likely click the link and check out the article. Here are some other topic ideas for sharing:

  • Latest real estate market news
  • Good places to eat or exciting entertainment spots
  • Buying a home for the first time
  • Refinancing a home
  • Home maintenance tips

Who Can You Share With?

Consider adding former classmates to your friends' list. Include people you used to work with. What about including friends of relatives or friends of friends. Facebook often sends out friend suggestions, so take advantage of them.

The Art of Staying Top of Mind

Most real estate professionals understand the concept of staying top of mind with clients. Facebook allows you to share information and content with your friends and clients easily. The more interesting the information or helpful, the better. Good quality content will keep people coming back to your page day after day, ensuring that you stay top of mind. Staying top of mind increases referrals!

Become a Friend

Why should you be a friend? Friends learn a great deal about each other. You may find out about family members, lifestyles, and work habits. This kind of information helps you stay top of mind because you can share birthday and anniversary greetings. You might bond with people that have similar interests or hobbies. The Facebook experience can be as personally satisfying as it is financially rewarding to today's real estate agent.

The Value of Trust

Without trust, you won't get referrals. People referring to you are vouching for your trustworthiness and honesty. Give your Facebook friends some insight into your personal life so they can see that you are real and not just someone after their money or business referrals. Share family recipes, vacation pictures, and other things that show you are a real, everyday person.

Things to Think About

If you want more referrals, consider how Facebook benefits today's real estate agents. To be successful with Facebook, you must provide value for your efforts. Share things that your social network friends will be interested in. Stay top of mind by using the peak-end theory to your advantage. Don't be afraid to share parts of your personal life so that people can identify with you. Be real and become a true friend, and you may notice an increase in referral business.

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