How to Stay Top of Mind with your Clients

How to Stay Top of Mind with your Clients

How to Stay Top-of-Mind with your Clients:

For successful real estate agents, the job is far from finished after the closing. Now it is time to strengthen the relationship that you have already built with your client. A “top-of-mind” marketing strategy will reward you with repeat and referral business. What does "top of mind" mean, and why is it so important? Here is a brief explanation, along with some ways to cultivate this essential sales tool.

How Does Top of Mind Work?

The concept is all about getting you and your services into the minds of customers and potential customers by being the first person they think of when someone asks them, “Do you know a good real estate agent?”. If you employ an effective “top of mind” marketing strategy, your customers and potential customers picture you and your services when they think of a real estate agent. Naturally, when you are “top of mind,” you are the first person they will call when they want to buy or sell a home.

By delivering value and regularly serving your clients is the key to staying relevant and keeping you forefront in the minds of your clients.

The Value of Appreciation

Once your clients have moved into their new home, you should send them a thank you card or a nice closing gift. Make sure to thank them for their business and remind them you are there to serve their real estate needs now and in the future. Let them know you are there for their friends and family too if they should need a trusted real estate agent.

Everyone loves to receive gifts. An inexpensive but thoughtful closing gift to your client leaves a lasting impression in your client’s mind. Many real estate professionals fail to make this simple gesture. The agents that do give closing gifts are the ones who are usually rewarded many times over.

If someone is kind enough to refer business your way, thank them personally with a phone call, send a thank you note, or buy them a gift also. Some agents even give a voucher for a “dinner for 2” to clients that have referred them.  Whatever you do, make sure you acknowledge the referral somehow. This strategy will motivate people to continue to refer you to others.

Become the "Go-To" Source

Many home buyers are moving into a new neighborhood, and they might not know much about the area. Because you are part of the community, you can be there to help them find the best restaurants, mechanics, lawn services, and other essential services. Make sure to follow up regularly with your clients that are new to the area to offer your assistance or recommendation of businesses or services. Why should you go out of your way to help these people? Here are some reasons why:

  • Your services will be appreciated
  • You stay on top of their minds
  • Local businesses appreciate your referrals and will do the same for you

Remember Closing Anniversaries

Make reminders in your CRM to send a "first moving anniversary” handwritten note or gift to customers. An anniversary remembrance helps put you back at the "top of mind" of your client.

Avoid Generic Gifts When Possible

If you did a good job keeping track of your customers, you should have some valuable information at your fingertips. For example, you know that your clients love cooking. A great gift would be a personalized bamboo cutting board. Use this information to choose customized closing, anniversary, or referral gifts. People remember thoughtful, unique gifts, which is what a "top of mind" marketing strategy is all about.

Points to Ponder

Referrals and repeat business are a huge part of real estate sales. Studies show that word-of-mouth type sales strategies can improve marketing efforts by more than 50%. Effective repeat and referral marketing depends on customer satisfaction. If your clients are not completely satisfied with your services, they will not refer you to people they know. Go above and beyond for your customers, and they will reward you.

After the closing, show customers how much you appreciate them with a thank you note or a unique housewarming gift. Be there for your customers after the closing by staying in regular contact with them and providing them with interesting and valuable information and content. Consider referral gifts and tailor each gift to the likes and needs of each gift receiver. Celebrate closing anniversaries. All of these tactics can keep you in your customers' minds and help you earn more business.

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