5 Ways to Obtain More Real Estate Testimonials

5 Ways to Obtain More Real Estate Testimonials

Real Estate Testimonials:

Since most home buyers and sellers check online for services, a good understanding of real estate SEO and online marketing can be invaluable. However, just getting people to your website is not always enough because they may want to know more about you. Testimonials let others see how you treat your clients and what you can do for them, but how can you get more? Here are 5 ways you can increase the number of customer testimonials that you receive.

  1. Read Social Media Comments

Today, many real estate professionals have social media pages, but few may be maximizing the benefits that come with a Facebook or Twitter account.  Social media offers some of the most cost-effective real estate marketing venues available today. It costs nothing to listen to what others are saying and interact. Check your real estate social media accounts at least once daily. Study the comments and respond to all of them, whether they are positive or negative.

When you answer a negative comment, apologize for any inconvenience and problems, and learn from the experience. Do whatever it takes to correct the problem because your reputation is at stake. However, do not ignore them or pretend negative comments do not exist, or they may tarnish your image and reputation.

When you keep negative testimonials on your social network pages, it lets people know that you are human. Everyone makes mistakes, and if you contact the client directly to find out what happened, you may discover what can be done to avoid these issues in the future. However, make sure to publish positive outcomes to keep your image intact.

Positive testimonials are great for business. When you publish client comments on your website, always ask for permission first. Turning social media comments into good testimonials is a great way to reuse this material.

Testimonials are not worth much unless you share them with others.

  1. Client Surveys

You can learn a great deal about the quality of the services you provide with client surveys. When clients fill out survey forms, they may mention things that you were unaware of. Information from some surveys may provide excellent material for website testimonials. Here are some things you can ask clients to make your surveys more effective:

  •  Rate overall satisfaction with services (scale one to five)
  •  Did you, their real estate agent, seem to care about your client and their needs?
  •  Were phone calls and other communications answered promptly?
  •  Did you fully explain the real estate process and answer all questions to your satisfaction?
  •  Is there anything you were impressed with?
  •  Is there something I can do to improve the services I provide?
  •  Would you recommend my service to others? (Ask for an elaboration that can be used as a testimonial.)
  1. Customer Appreciation Events

Everyone craves attention and appreciation, and a special event for your clients lets them know that you value their business. These events have many benefits. For example, they can help you:

  •  keep in touch with clients
  •  stay top of mind
  •  request referrals or testimonials
  •  improve your public image
  1. Contests for Clients

Why not make a contest out of your testimonial requests? Everyone responding can be entered in a drawing for a prize (which should be something most people would appreciate and enjoy). When you give clients incentives for writing testimonials, you will get a lot more responses than normal. Be certain to inform all entrants that their comments may be published as testimonials.

  1. Share What You Have

Testimonials are not worth much unless you share them with others. Here are some sharing tips to consider:

  •  Publish testimonials on your website
  •  Use them on your social media accounts
  •  Use them in mass emails campaigns (CRM software is the perfect tool for distributing newsletters)
  •  Marketing material like flyers and brochures

Summing It Up

Glowing testimonials can make your local real estate services stand out from the pack. If you want to collect positive comments, pay close attention to your social network accounts. Update often and respond to every comment you receive. When your job is finished, ask clients to fill out a quick and simple survey about service satisfaction. Consider special events just for past customers, to stay top of mind. Consider having a contest to generate testimonials. And make sure you share your testimonials everywhere you can think of.


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