5 Essential Components Your Website Must Have

5 Essential Components Your Website Must Have

Components Your Website Must Have

A real estate agent needs a strong online presence to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. An improperly designed website may do more harm to your business than good. On the other hand, your website can bring in a lot of new and repeat business if it has the right components. To help increase your odds for success, here are five crucial website elements that your website must have today.

  1. MLS and IDX

The Multiple Listing Service or MLS offers both agents and clients a quick and effective way to access local listings. However, it was costly for agents to integrate MLS with a website in the past, but it is not the case today. Thanks to IDX, and the many benefits it provides, you can have an inexpensive tool that assists with increasing your sales.

What is IDX?

IDX makes it easy for you to add MLS to your site. IDX is special software that connects your site and the MLS. It can receive listings and bring them to your website. More than once a day, the system updates to give you the most current listings for your clients. There is minimal effort required for you to enjoy these benefits.

Why Not Use Web Portals?

Wouldn't it be easier to take advantage of web portals? Services like Trulia or Zillow provide a lot of listing information and are easily found on the major search engines. Yet there are some downsides to using this kind of service. For example:

  • Web portals do not utilize IDX. Their data comes from different sources.
  • MLS offers the most complete, comprehensive, and current data.
  • You sponsor specific listings with portals, but with IDX, you have access to all the MLS listings.
  • Web portals might have outdated info. Some homes may already have been sold, and new listings are sometimes late to appear.

The number of consumers that use the internet to find a local business has skyrocketed to 97%! If you want to be chosen, you need to be seen. That's why you need a website today.

  1. CRM Integration

CRM is "customer relations management" software. It gives you the chance to organize all your customer interactions and relationships. CRM helps you manage your customer contacts, sales, and other essential information. You may use the software to locate new customers and stay in touch with current customers. Build relationships with initial contacts and earn repeat business with the data and features from CRM.

When you integrate CRM with your real estate website, you take your customer relations to the next level with these advantages:

  • Immediate responses to property inquiries
  • Email lists help you stay in contact
  • Readers receive updates automatically
  • Generate and track leads
  • Enjoy the latest information from the real estate industry
  • Lower administration costs
  • Accurate data source
  • Prospect profiling - with more precise customer data, you can serve your clients more efficiently
  • Increase your sales
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  1. Sales Lead Capturing

Why not give your clients and prospects the latest news and information, quality content, and how-to info? Your website can capture new leads for you. All readers have to do is sign up for email updates or newsletters. Capture leads with calls to action, email signup forms, and links to lead capture pages.

  1. Testimonials

When you publish positive customer reviews on your site, it helps build a sense of trust with your potential customers. To obtain more feedback, ask your client for a testimonial after their closing. Some CRM systems automatically include testimonial requests at closing. Testimonials help to explain the benefits of your services and are as good as referrals in some cases.

  1. Social Media

Services like Facebook and Twitter are becoming major forces in the sales industry. Social networks make it easier for people to share info about you. You can increase search engine optimization and make it simple for interested buyers to find you.

In Review

A successful real estate website needs MLS and IDX's presence to offer visitors the latest listing info. Customer relationship management programs are very beneficial and should be integrated into your website for maximum benefit. Make sure to include an effective method for capturing sales leads, like signup forms and newsletter offerings. Publish customer testimonials to make people aware of the good things you have to offer. Include links to your social media pages to let readers know more about you and your services.

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